Check out the strains that go with these 2021 streaming sensations.

We’ve all had to make a lot of decisions this year. But pandemic or not, there are two decisions that remain critical to many of us: what to watch on TV and what weed to smoke.

Using Leafly’s best weed strain lists, we’ve put together the ultimate end-of-the-year guide for you to smoke and watch some of the very best television that 2021 has to offer, based on the genre and effects of the weed.

Comedy shows and their best strain pairings

Normally, I wouldn’t recommend needing a box of tissues to watch comedy – but these shows will leave you in tears.

microphone on a stand up comedy stage with reflectors ray, high contrast image

Desired effects: silly or giggly

Strains: Mothertongue, Purple Stardawg, Sour Bubba

South Side


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