Pride month celebrants and allies nationwide have more freedom to chose legal cannabis—indeed, multiple lab-tested types of it—than ever before.

Across the US, there’s 18 legalized states, and 65% of the country supports a consenting adult’s freedom to walk into a well-regulated store and buy weed.

The question becomes, exactly what weed should you smoke for Pride month, our nation’s annual nod to equal rights for sexual orientation?

First and foremost, there are different effects to consider, but flavors must resonate, too. Then there’s who’s growing it and selling it. Here, the queer weed community and supporters sounded off on 15-ish cannabis cultivars to take Pride in this month.

Model Princess Cyberspace needs a joint relight in this Carly Foulkes photo. (Courtesy Stone Road)
Stone Road joint sales help bail out LGBTQ…

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