Our deluxe rips aren’t for the faint of heart, but sometimes, you gotta go big or you gotta go home. And honestly, we’ve been in the house all year.

This section of the Leafly 2020 Holiday Gift Guide features show-stopping gifts for any stoner. Just trust us.

Luft Duo air purifier


The aroma of cannabis is wonderful, but it’s also rather conspicuous.

The LUFT Duo is a tiny powerhouse air purifier with rave reviews from Leafly staff. Perfect for anyone who needs to clear out the smell of sticky, stanky nugs or their latest hotbox session, the LUFT Duo is up for the job.

Bello Vapor Tap vaporizer


Not sure what to get for the classiest cannasseur you know? Now you do. The Bello Vapor Tap is class in a glass.


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