Just slightly better than a coin toss! Yikes. That’s how well Leafly News predicted the future, as written in 2020.

For obvious reasons, everyone’s best-laid plans got swept into history’s junk drawer—next to lawn darts, and those Easter Island statues.

Our most accurate 2020 predictions were both pessimistic and optimistic.

  • The sclerotic US Senate stymying descheduling. Boo.
  • Frickin’ legalization in the Dakotas. Wowza.

Last year, Leafly News made about 40 predictions: 22 came true; 18 didn’t, and 4 were inconclusive. That equals a 54.3% accuracy rate for 2020, down from 68% for 2019. We’ve been humbled.

Take our 2021 predictions with a gram of sativa—it’s time to peer deep into the 4th dimension.

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