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April 8, 2021

Products made with delta-9-THC, the intoxicating cannabinoid we generally think of as THC, usually get all the attention around 420, but have you tried delta-9-THC’s close cousin, delta-8-THC?

Delta-8-THC is a cannabinoid derived from hemp. Users report similar therapeutic benefits from delta-8-THC as from delta-9-THC, as well as experiencing some gentle psychoactive effects. And because delta-8-THC is hemp-derived, products made with delta-8-THC are legal wherever hemp products may be purchased.

3Chi has been leading the way with biochemist-formulated delta-8-THC products since 2019, made in the USA with USA-grown hemp. Shop 3Chi products…

To continue reading, visit the original article at https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/420-is-the-perfect-time-to-try-delta-8-thc-with-3chi