Sativa strains have long flourished in Mexico’s hot climate, and these heirlooms have since propagated countless hybrids with their genetics. Here are just five of those descendants.

Acapulco Gold

acapulco gold marijuana strain
Acapulco Gold. (Leafly)

Said to have originated in Acapulco, Mexico, this sativa is a colorful tangle of gold-orange pistils. With a sweet, fruity flavor balanced by earthy and spicy notes, Acapulco Gold provides a high-energy cerebral buzz that keeps you feeling stimulated throughout the day’s festivities.

Mexican Sativa

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The breeders at Sensi Seeds managed to hunt down a sativa from Oaxaca and cross it with a Pakistani indica and the high-energy African sativa Durban Poison. The result was Mexican Sativa, an uplifting strain…

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