If Rihanna’s a joint, I’m a joint.

Stoner fashion. It can range from Grateful Dead t-shirts to tote bags that remind you to Buy Weed from Women. And while every stoner has their own style, there’s one Bajan queen that always takes the cake.

Along with her signature confidence and the delivery of immaculate seshing albums like ANTI, Rihanna emboldens stoners everywhere to push the boundaries when it comes to looking good and loving weed. She has provided us with countless ensembles that we could discuss, but, inspired by her Sept. 10 spread in Dazed, we’ve put together a brief list of Rih’s top stoner fashion looks.

1. The human joint

Rihanna wearing Jawara Alleyne x Raw Materials
(Custom-made Jawara Alleyne x Raw Materials. Styling by Ibrahim Kamara. Photo by Rafael Pavarotti for

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