The Grow-Off is a super dope contest, and recently I hopped on Zoom to talk to some of the winners about what strains they’re working on, excited about, and like to smoke most. Here’s what Duran Jackson, the 2020 CO Grow-Off Champion in both Potency and Terpenes, and Fiddler’s Green, the 2018 CA Grow-Off Champion in Potency, had to say.

These Grow-Off champions (and more) will be featured in Mastergrass: Cultivation Conversations on April 10, 20201, sharing their knowledge on how to grow a winning crop. The online event is free to view live and $10 for access to Q&A’s with growers. A VOD (video on demand) copy of the conference will also be available. 

Duran Jackson

Duran Jackson is the Veg Lead at Colorado’s Evergreen Extracts, and 2020 King of the Grow-Off after…

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