America’s tens of millions of weed lovers celebrating 420 this April have the most spectacular show on Earth awaiting them. At legal cannabis dispensaries from California to Massachusetts, the world’s top breeders and growers have put their best buds forward. New drops of the prettiest, stankiest, strongest pot ever conceived blanket the land.

Just like wearing the freshest fit to the NBA Finals, or the latest Dior to the Grammy Awards, you’ll want to bring some proper zaza to your 420 sessions. Leafly interviewed several keepers of the cannabis flame—Seed Junky Genetics’ J Beezy; Alien Labs; Capulator; Phat Panda; even Cheech frickin’ Marin of Cheech and Chong—to spot the hottest flower of 420 ‘22 across the US. Let’s effin’ go.

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