Leafly honors the 50th anniversary of “4:20” (aka “420” or 4/20) this April with a celebration of legendary strain families. We’ve already covered famous Hazes, Tangies, and Purples. Up next: OG Kushes!

No one will ever truly know what the “OG” in the best-selling strain, OG Kush, stands for: Ocean grown? Original gangsta? Organic?

But not a soul debates OG Kush’s strength or status.

Since the dawn of medical marijuana legalization in the ‘90s in Los Angeles, the potent, lemon-pine-fuel-smelling OG Kush cultivar and its offspring have floored the competition and recruited legions of lifelong followers.

OG Kush’s family origin story is shrouded in mystery and spans the United States. The family’s rise demonstrates how a…

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