Take one guess what the NYC rapper named his signature stock of buds (it rhymes with sing song!)

In the past year, Coney Island, New York native Nems has taken his organic catchphrase, “Bing Bong,” to the moon. It’s gone from a viral joke he popularized on the YouTube show Sidetalk NYC, to a TikTok trend that reached the White House and infiltrated America’s meme lexicon. Now, Gorilla Nems is using his national platform to launch his very own line of legal cannabis flower.

Riding “Bing Bong’s” viral high has turned Nems from the self-proclaimed president of Coney Island to one of the country’s undisputed pandemic sweethearts. Last year, New York Knicks basketball fans adopted Bing Bong as a rallying cry at games and on social media. It…

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