Psst—your guy won’t tell you this, but: Four years into legalization, California is awash in legal tree, and savvy smokers need not pay more than $200 per ounce. Leafly’s new deals digest, Budhunter, tracks down those specials below.

We’ve done the math, and roughly 823 licensed delivery services and stores in Cali stand ready to put your order in a bag and drive it to you, or have it waiting at the register.

Budhunter monitored ever-changing dispensary menus—from the chic boutiques of the Bay Area to the sandy shops of San Diego—for the best bargains on flower, edibles, and cartridges. Then, we interviewed brands and dispensaries to get the story behind our finds.

Advertisers cannot buy picks in Leafly News’ independent Budhunter. If we…

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