There’s a lot of affordable, tested cannabis flower to smoke at low prices in California this summer.

What a change from last summer, when a cannabis drought brought on by COVID demand and a seasonal shortage of the legal supply sent prices soaring at dispensaries.

Pot shop owners are selling 2020’s fall outdoor ounces at $200. They’re trying to make room for 2021’s early summer harvest, which is arriving in stores now.

Right now in west Los Angeles:

  • The Higher Path has an ounce at $140 and half ounces at $55
  • The Pottery has ounces at $132 and $128
  • Herb has half ounces for $50 and ounces for $130
  • MedMen Venice—which gets pilloried for high prices—has an ounce of White Runtz from Farmer and the Felon at $160, Pacific Stone 805 Glue for $155 per…

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