Approximately 5% of Americans live with a body-focused repetitive behavior (BFRB), such as compulsive hair pulling, nail biting, or skin picking. In many cases, BFRBs are born from a need to self-soothe, and those who experience them may find themselves frequently performing a BFRB with little or no awareness of the fact. 

Unlike those who self-harm, people with BFRBs typically don’t intend to inflict pain on themselves or cause physical damage to their bodies, but all BFRBs cause sufferers to repeatedly touch their hair, body, or both, in ultimately damaging ways. Depending on the BFRB, they can lead to bald spots, scarring, sores, infections, and other issues. 

There’s still much to learn about BFRBs, but cannabis and hemp-derived CBD may be used to…

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