When Amber Dawn Mailhoit, 38, recently missed a period she immediately thought she was pregnant, even though her husband’s vasectomy was years ago. “Stranger things have happened,” says the Kelowna mother of two teens. 

She started noticing other symptoms, too: sleep disturbances, body aches and cramping that “just came out of nowhere.” When Mailhoit experienced a second missed period, accompanied by dizzy spells and strong cramps, she knew there was something more going on.

“So, I Googled until there were no menopause sites left for me to read and eventually came to the conclusion that I was, indeed, in perimenopause.” 

Handwriting text Hormones. Conceptual photo regulatory substance produced in organism transported tissue fluids
Perimenopause is a precursor to menopause, where hormone changes cause a variety of side effects. (Adobe Stock)

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