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To choose the best domain, you should stay informed. That is why Devilish Domains provides links to the most up-to-date news articles within the industry that you are shopping for.

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The Roll-up #201: Phytol and frauds | Leafly

This week Bruce, Alyssa, and Hannah discuss Leafly’s investigation into phytol, the latest vape cartridge additive causing concern. OCB is one of the...

Don’t let the government’s marijuana lies make you miss out on the vaccine | Leafly

A just-published study from researchers at the University of Memphis looked at “COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Its Determinants” and found that “the use...

Cannabis nurseries are taking off, providing seeds and clones to growers | Leafly

Cannabis nurseries are the secret pheno-hunting, seed-slinging, unsung genetics heroes of the cannabis industry. A growing number of cannabis nurseries—also called “breeders”—are emerging to...

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