Leafly unboxes the G Pen Roam all-in-one portable vaporizer

In the video above, Ruben from Leafly dives in to show you what’s up with the sleek and sturdy Roam.

Opening the G Pen box, you’ll first see the super-durable hemp travel case. Unzipping the hemp case, you’ll find all the goodies inside: a G Pen tool, a charging cable, and the Roam.

The unit has a rechargeable and rapid-charging lithium-ion battery and a full-quartz tank with protective housing. All of this slides apart so you can access the glass hydrotube (hello, filtration) topped with a soft silicone mouthpiece.


All the places you can G Pen Roam

To use the Roam, all you have to do is lift up the quartz cover, load concentrate into the tank, and flip it closed….

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