For the last three months, ten businesses have given the Momentum Incubator everything they’ve got. The winners earned $50,000, and the chance to pitch their businesses to heavyweights and investors gathered to hear their entrepreneurial ideas.


Eaze announces 10 winners of $50k cannabis business grants

The 2021 Momentum class is a dynamic group of talent, full of creative energy that spans the weed industry and beyond. And it’s not just the participants that are ready to make headlines. Eaze’s Momentum program was recognized as a world-changing idea by Fast Company this spring.

Bright ideas and brighter futures

Blockchain network concept , Distributed register technology , Block chain text and computer connection with blue background. 3D Rendering

While pitching a business in front of people with lifechanging sums of money may seem daunting, the members of the 2021…

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