Like hot cheetos, Nintendo 64 and acrylic bongs, the Volcano vaporizer constitutes a highly nostalgic piece of our collective stoner history. With its distinct triangular base, plastic party bag of weed vapor, and (at the time) hefty price tag for a stoner gadget, the Volcano pioneered the desktop vaporizer throughout the 2000s. 

As a teen in the mid-late 2000s, many of my hazy memories involved giant Volcano bags of weed vapor being blown around the garage, TV room, or den of whoevers parents happened to be gone at the time. 

However fond, these memories were of an era that seemed bound to remain lost in the past, belonging to a much younger, and even more stoned version of myself. That is, until the 20th anniversary Gold Volcano Classic came waltzing into my life,…

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