Below are some common questions for the services we offer.

I cannot afford to buy the domain outright. What are my options?

We are happy to provide you with 2 options, lease the domain or finance the domain with monthly payments (and 0% interest). Leasing the domain is essentially renting it. You pay a small monthly fee to hold on to the domain. If you are interested in buying, you have to pay the full price. Financing the domain allows you to put a monthly payment towards the balance of the domain. After you have paid for the domain, you own it.

For leasing information, click here.

For financing information, click here.

What are the payment methods accepted?

All payments are handled through Epik. This includes buy now, leasing, and financing. Epik accepts most major credit cards, PayPal, and some cryptocurrencies, as well. They also have escrow services.

We may also take trades for land, expensive cars, LLL.com, CC.com, etc. ?

Do you take offers on domains? 

Yes, we will entertain any offers on 1 or more domains (sold as a group). Feel free to contact us with your offer. Please let us know the domain name(s), your offer and whether or not it is a buy now offer or a financing offer. (That helps us make the necessary changes to the purchase page.) Realize that the domain is still available for anyone to purchase during any negotiations. Someone may buy it while we are negotiating.

If you are wondering, the answer is no, we do not jack up the price as soon as we receive your offer. (I have seen other companies do this.) Our price will remain the same. We will respond to your offer with a firm yes, no, or we will come back with a different offer. The best chance at receiving a yes depends on how close your offer is to the original amount. (We will also trade for certain liquid domains.)

Are your domains available for sale anywhere else? I believe I have seen them listed. 

Yes, we frequently list our domains on other services such as Sedo or Afternic, which in turn gets shown on multiple registars search results. Therefore, if you like a domain, we do not suggest just sitting and waiting. Others may be interested, as well. We can say this, the price listed on those services will be higher, though. We purposely price domain names cheaper on Epik because the transaction is so much easier and costs less. The transfer to your account is also immediate, which we love. You are welcome to buy through other services, but you will be waiting longer and paying more.

Why do you use Epik?

Frankly, we love their customer service, the free privacy they offer (much less spam), and the leasing & financing options that we can provide through them. Also, all of our domains are registered through Epik. After payment is verified for any purchase, the domain is automatically transferred into your account and you can use it immediately. There is no need to wait for a domain to get transferred to another registrar after purchase before you can use it.

Check them out: Epik

(The link above and below are affiliate links, but we honestly do love using them, which is why you see all options to buy our domains go through Epik.)

I do not have an Epik account.

That is no problem. Simply click the link below to create one or create one when purchasing a domain.

Check them out: Epik

Do you provide website hosting?

No, we do not provide website hosting. Our website is hosted with SiteGround and we love their services, as well. (We use the GoGeek package.)

One thing that is great about SiteGround is the ability to use Add-on domains. What does this mean? 1 hosting package supplies hosting for multiple domains. We don’t need to buy hosting for each domain we operate.

Check them out: SiteGround

(The link above is an affiliate link, but we honestly do use them and highly recommend them.)

I checked and the domain is expiring soon. 

Simply contact us before you purchase and we will extend it for 1 year. We will let you know when the additional year of registration has been purchased so you can buy it right away. (However, during this contact period, another person may buy the domain out from under you. We are just warning you that it has happened before.)

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement? 

Yes, a NDA can be signed upon request. Typically, specific domains and purchase information are never discussed in a public arena. We like to maintain your privacy. If you’d like a NDA to be signed, feel free to contact us through the domain’s purchase page before buying (or after is fine).

If you want us to disclose a domain sale, let us know where and we will do so (i.e. Namebio). By default, we do not disclose this information, though.

Do you have a list of all the domain offered? 

Yes, we have an extended list with price information. Another location and online store to see our full inventory is at GreenLeafNames.com (soon to become DevilishNames.com).

Have questions?

Again, we are happy to answer your questions. Contact us today!