Face it—human beings need contact.

We’re hard-wired to be touched, held, and comforted. Whether it’s a spa day, a cuddle, or making out—they all stoke your nervous system’s thermostat, called the endogenous cannabinoid system.

And guess what? So does THC, the main active ingredient in weed.

Cakey, minty, strong, relaxing, high-THC effects make LA Kush Cake a Leafly HighLight for February 2022. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a remarkably high 29% of Leafly reviewers found LA Kush Cake arousing, making it arguably the most trendy strain for getting naked in ‘22.

Seed Junky Genetics brand LA Kush Cake 2021 indoor flower from Mission Organics this January. (David Downs/Leafly)

Fun Fact: Cannabis use is associated with better orgasms in…

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