Vapes, topicals, tinctures, sublinguals—more alternatives to smoking appear daily.

But die-hard tokers still wonder, what’s the best way to burn one?

A trusty, old BIC, or the leading alternative, called hemp wick?

A bit of hemp twine dipped in beeswax offers better flavor and less landfill waste, many say. But for the first time ever, Leafly asks chemists and other experts to better understand the pros and cons of wicks vs BICs.

How bad is butane—really?

An image of different butane lighters. From Julia Sumpter at Leafly.
Butane lighters rule, except for white lighters—which are cursed. (Julia Sumpter / Leafly)

BIC lighters probably torch more bowls than any other source. They’re cheap and convenient. The actual research on lung health from butane lighters looks thin, but our experts weren’t…

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