Facebook promised that tethering Quest 2 to a PC via Oculus Link would eventually support the headset’s full 90Hz refresh rate. With the latest updates to Quest 2 and the Oculus PC app, this is now a reality.

Facebook started rolling out the Quest 2 v23 update last week with a bunch of improvements for the headset. Part of that update enables Quest 2 to run at 90Hz by default. In parallel, the company also updated the Oculus PC app to allow Oculus Link to run at 90Hz on the headset.

In order to use Oculus Link at 90Hz on Quest 2 you’ll need at least the v23 of the headset software and the desktop software (note that because these updates are just rolling out they may not be available to all users right away).

How to Update Quest 2
  1. In your headset, bring…

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