As the hemp-derived cannabinoid market continues to flourish, hexahydrocannabinol—commonly known as HHC—has become one of the buzziest compounds around. 

Less potent than other hemp-derived cannabinoids, HHC nonetheless offers a variety of positive effects. And for consumers seeking a more potent experience, HHC’s lesser-known cousin, HHC-O—also known as HHC acetate—has started to make waves as well.

Do HHC and HHC-O live up to the hype? We tried out a couple of products from Delta Extrax, one of the best reviewed HHC manufacturers in the country, to find out.

What are HHC and HHC-O?

Manufacturers typically derive HHC from hemp, which Congress made legal via the 2018 US Farm Bill.

The legality of HHC, however, remains murky. Until HHC…

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