Our top picks for an epic Oil Day.

Oil Day 2021 is nearly here. See our top product picks for all you concentrate lovers out there in Illinois.

ATF Cartridge 0.5g


710 Illinois
Courtesy of Verilife

Who’s ready for a night out with friends or to bag your next big hike? The ATF 0.5g sativa cartridge from matter will set the vibes off right. The strain originates from the Matanuska Valley area in Alaska and is big on uplift & euphoria. With linalool, pinene, myrcene, and limonene making up its terpene profile, this ATF vape packs a great floral fragrance.


Anatomy of a vape pen

Rest RSO 500mg

710 Illinois

Remedi RSOs are easy to dose and made from handpicked cannabis with strain-specific terpenes included. This Rest RSO indica…

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