Cannabis and LGBTQIA+ culture intersect in all corners of society, from our individual social lives to our culture as a whole.

Throughout American history, and particularly during the last century, the place of cannabis and queer people in society has shifted dramatically. Through it all, the strong bond of queer culture and cannabis culture has remained.

While both cultures enjoy a good activism moment, we are also human beings who want to socialize, relax, create art, and find communities where we feel safe and seen.

A growing part of LGBTQIA+ social life

Crowd of young and elderly men and women in trendy hipster clothes. Diverse group of stylish people standing together. Society or population, social diversity. Flat cartoon vector illustration

For many queer people, cannabis usage fits closely to an ethos of living life separate from strict rules of society and the judgments of more conservative social norms. It’s part of…

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