‘Mind & Matter’ is a monthly column by Nick Jikomes, PhD, Leafly’s Director of Science and Innovation.

All intoxicating drugs are psychoactive, but not all psychoactive drugs are intoxicating.

This is something that’s often misunderstood by patients, consumers, and the mainstream media. In the cannabis world we hear all the time—incorrectly—that THC is psychoactive but CBD isn’t.

Both drugs are, in fact, psychoactive. At the right dose, CBD can affect mood and have anti-anxiety effects. But of the two, only THC is intoxicating.


Think of it this way: A drug is intoxicating if it impairs your ability to behave or make decisions. Caffeine and SSRIs like Prozac are psychoactive. Alcohol is psychoactive and intoxicating. A good rule is…

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