Jurassic World Aftermath unabashedly hijacks the hide-and-seek gameplay of Alien Isolation (2014) while bringing it to VR with a Jurassic Park context and a well executed unique visual style. Though it feels like it gets cut short, the game delivers a solid dose of suspense and a polished experience.

Jurassic World Aftermath Details:

Available On: Oculus Quest
Release Date: December 17th, 2020
Price: $25
Publisher: Oculus Studios
Developer: Coatsink Software
Reviewed On: Quest 2


VR is here and we can do literally anything with it. So, naturally, we’re going to pay people money to provide us with the feeling of being stalked by a deadly predator. If that’s what you’re into, Jurassic World Aftermath is the game for you.

Throughout the…

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