Tens of millions of election-frazzled Americans across the US are packing bowls, loading Volcanos, and firing up the dab rig this week. Interest in cannabis has surged, thanks to fresh election victories in five states, and voting stress.

So, what’s in those smoky bowls?

This month, connoisseurs are showing strong interest in high-THC, exotic flavors like Slurricane and Guava Biscotti, gassy Motorbreath, and tropical Papaya.

Independently reported without fear or favor, Leafly Buzz highlights the top of the crop west of the Rockies. Pull up!

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Motorbreath from SF Cultivators steps on the gas with Chemdog and SFV OG OG. (David Downs/Leafly)

Sativa hybrid Motorbreath has got motors running in November; consumer interest…

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