West Coast cannabis flower smokers: Prep your lungs for a long, hot, intense summer

This May, Kush Mints went Platinum. Chem Dog offspring like GMOG, Dawg Breath, and The Judge intimidate with both their bark and bite. And Archive Seed Bank takes your garden over the rainbow with their next-generation Zkittlez cross, Moonbow #112 IX.

Impress the session with this flood of crazy-strong, flavorful pot just sitting there on store shelves and delivery warehouses.

That’s right, it’s time for Leafly’s essential, monthly, West Coast fire flower round-up, Leafly Buzz. Let’s frickin’ go.

Trending weed strains in the west

leafly buzz data grinder
Strains are the real celebs on Leafly, and every star either waxes or wanes over time. Leafly Buzz’s Data Grinder…

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