Everyone deserves affordable, excellent cannabis concentrates—from budget shoppers seeking BHO, all the way to aesthetes sipping live rosin from Puffco Pros.

Top-shelf terp heroes on a quest before July 4th and 710, fear not: Leafly’s oft-copied, never-replicated Buzz is focusing on hash this month, and it’s about time.

The multibillion-dollar, rapidly evolving, cannabis extract world is full of hit-or-miss products. Small batches of the best hashes can fetch more per gram than pure gold and sell out faster than Yeezy slides.

Below, guest Buzz author, pot journalist, and Emerald Cup judge Jimi Devine cuts through menus to highlight the real heat—like Cup winners, and new and exotic terps.

Time to blast off.

Hash pro lingo: Solventless—An…

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