West Coast 4/20 fans—who’s ready for a THC tolerance break?

Yeah, not us, either. Too many exquisite buds are in bloom.

Seth Rogen’s Houseplant serves up tasty Strawberry Moon. NFL baller Ricky Williams puts in Jesus Zkittlezworth. And rap outfit RBL Posse slings Red Velvet that comes with a “No Bammer” guarantee.

Fresh dessert strains lure us in with names that match flavors: White Truffle, Horchata, and Georgia Apple Pie. Mmmm. And the brand Artisan offers “Wormholes”—”worms” or rosin inside big, crazy-expensive joints.

Here’s the West’s essential monthly fire flower roundup. That’s right, it’s Leafly Buzz: the post-4/20 high-tolerance edition.

Trending strains in the West

leafly buzz data grinder
Strains are the real celebs on…

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