Scores of aspiring home growers in North America should resolve to achieve THC independence in 2021. And we’re here to tell you, it’s possible.

In late 2020, Leafly grew a personal 150 grams of A-grade Supreme Diesel over 8 weeks of flowering. We did it with some bomb Compound Genetics seeds. That’s Jet Fuel Gelato crossed to Sour Diesel. Plus, a fabric pot, some dirt, and the Black Dog LED Phytomax 200-watt, all-in-one grow kit.

You can crank out up to 3 pounds per year in their starter tent kit.

Since the average price of a wholesale indoor pound of A-grade bud runs about $1,450, you’ll make your money back in herb in about six months of growing.

You needn’t be a gardener. I certainly wasn’t. A ‘keep it simple, stupid’ (“KISS”)…

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