We took the Boveda “Save the Terps” challenge.

Boveda sent us a sweet little challenge in a box to prove, once and for all, how amazing their two-way humidity-control packs really are.

For this challenge, we took one quarter of the freshest and terpiest herb we could find and split it up into two jars. One just has the weed in it, and the other has a 62% humidity, size 1 Boveda pack inside. After having been locked away in a cool dry place for 30 days, both jars of bud are ready for Justin & Ruben from Leafly to dive into the sniff test, the grind test, and, of course, the smoke test.

Inside each Boveda pack are all-natural salts and purified water locked in a semi-permeable membrane—that means Boveda packs lend moisture in the form of pure water…

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