Weed hardware and accessories can transform your relationship with the plant into a celebration. So for 420 this year, we decided to revisit some of our favorite products from the past year.

Whether you’re smoking, dabbing, growing, or rolling, these product spotlights are fit to make this 420 a memorable one.

Smoke Roses’ Gogi Berry Cones

smoke roses goji berry cones rolling papers
(Courtesy Smoke Roses)

While scouting the market for our Buyer’s guide to weed rolling papers, we stumbled upon Smoke Roses’ Goji Berry Cones. Admittedly, it was their flagship rose petal packs that drew us in, but it was the goji berry sister product that won us over at the tastebuds. 

As the name implies, these are cones made from a pulp of organic goji berries. We ordered a four-pack of the…

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