Spring is coming, we swear. It’s time to put down the sleepy cookies strains and pick up energy and anxiety relief for the warming months ahead. I’m talking poppin’ bottles of citrusy sativa hybrids, ladies; starting with the national favorite, Mimosa—our Leafly HighLight for March 2022.

Leafly Highlight March 2022 Mimosa
Ask the CDC, brunch is back, baby! (David Downs/Leafly)

Mimosa has an average 4.5 of 5 score from 845 Leafly reviewers since 2018 alone. Because, duh, people like weed that smells like fizzy orange sunshine and makes their brain feel similarly.

Reviewers are pretty consistent, too:

  • “Great for a wake and bake, before any activity that requires high energy!”
  • “Mimosa, you’re such a joyful high, I’m snatching up a lifetime supply. You all run and grab…

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