California cannabis lovers—smoke the weed you want to see in the world.

Right this very week, the state’s 1,000 legal stores and couriers have literal tons of potent, fresh, diverse, and cheap outdoor, organic, sungrown pot packaged up and ready to buy. Wholesale pot prices cratered last year, off ‘90s peaks of $3,000 per pound, to sometimes $150 this week.

We’re talking $100 ounces of the designer strain Modified Grapes at HPRC, Arcata, CA, or $12 pre-rolls of Greenshock Farms’ Emerald Cup-winning Tropical Sleigh Ride via Budee delivery statewide.

“There is a lot of sungrown sitting in a lot of warehouses right now,” said Nicholas Smilgys, a grower and distributor with the Mendocino Producers Guild. “And here’s something completely…

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