Turns out Montanans do like ‘Big Government,’ at least when it comes to weed.

Forced by the will of the voters on Election Day last November, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte released his plan today to implement cannabis legalization in the Republican-controlled state. Gov. Gianforte’s distinctly nanny-state vision for legal weed comes in the form of a bill sponsored by Republican state Rep. Mike Hopkins.

Gov. Gianforte’s plan calls for:

  • banning homegrowing, despite voters legalizing 4 plants per person
  • 20% sales taxes, plus any local taxes and fees
  • a default ban on local sales unless cities opt in
  • a cap on THC in flower buds at 35%

Sales would start in January 2022.

All is not lost—yet. Critics say the bill’s glaring flaws—including…

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