Leafly honors the 50th anniversary of “4:20” (aka “420” or 4/20) this April with a celebration of legendary strain families. We’ve already covered famous Hazes and the Tangie family. In this installment, we show our pride for the Purps.

Purple signifies the color of royalty and, in the case of cannabis, also mystique.

On dispensary shelves, purple means pungent, powerful, trendy herb—a stoner truism since at least the ’90s. To this day, some weed lovers in the US will only buy cannabis that is purple.

But how did Purples become cannabis royalty? Leafly wades into the murky origins of ‘The Purps’ below.

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Zkittlez’ parentage is suspected, not confirmed. But if you like purps, you should try it. Tap or click to open…

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