Damn, Portland—you crazy.

This summer, Stumptown stoners hit the rarest, strongest, most affordable herb in the known universe.

Oregon’s ancient and loose medical cannabis program spawned one the world’s first adult-use markets all the way back in 2014. The rec scene grew too robust and farmers grew too much pot. Prices collapsed to $6 per eighth-ounce by 2019.

Homeostasis has since returned. Brands like Decibel Farms, PDX Organics, Archive Portland, and LTRMN have set the tempo for high-key chronic. Portland has more than 200 dispensaries, offering elite produce from the likes of Alibi Farms, Fenario Farms, and The Heights, Co.

How have you not booked a stony weekend? The sun is about to come out for the summer.

After you book, check out…

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