Lorena Cupcake, voted “best budtender in Chicago,” has answered hundreds of questions from cannabis shoppers and patients during their time as a budtender. And now they’re turning that experience into a monthly advice column, Ask a budtender. Got a question for Cupcake? Submit your questions to askabudtender@weedmaps.com.  

Dear Cupcake,

I know 7/10, aka OIL day, is the concentrate-consumer equivalent of 4/20, but do stoners actually celebrate 710? Maybe they’re not filling public parks with dab vapor like it’s 4/20 2.0, but are they celebrating somewhere? 

Dear 710-curious,

Unlike 4/20, which has layers of lore stretching back decades, 7/10 is a relatively new addition to the pantheon of cannabis culture. I took my first dab over a decade ago, but I only…

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