I spoke to my mom on the phone last night and told her I was working on an article. She inquired what it was about, and when I said โ€œqueer women in weed,โ€ she asked, โ€œWhat are you writing about? Don’t they enjoy it like anyone else? What’s the difference?โ€

I knew there was a thoughtful answer to this line of questioning, but I needed to sit back with a joint to grasp its simplicity fully. And as the sweet Biscotti smoke relaxed my mind, I remembered an article about brunching with the queer and women-owned brand Sonder, recalling that it’s just a fact that the cannabis industry โ€” like so many industries โ€” has been historically represented by white males.

So the answer to my mom’s questions is that queer women enjoy weed, create weed things, and have high…

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