The other day, I was driving in a car with a friend who had just gone to a dispensary, and as a cannabis journalist, people often ask my opinion on their buys. He handed me the jar and boasted that the flower tested at an astronomical 35% THC. 

Examining the dense, mechanically trimmed buds that smelled like hay, I had two choices: 

1: Dominate the car ride by explaining to my causal stoner friend why the idea that a high-THC flower is also high-quality is wrong.


2: Nod, say it looks good, and keep it moving. 

For the sake of that car ride, I chose the latter. But for the sake of consumers being misinformed at large, I want to make something clear: a high THC percentage is not the most important factor when buying weed. 

And yet, high-THC consumers…

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