With 4/20 loading, Leafly sent me on a mission to find the best weed products in the Windy City. And with a low stash, it was time to explore Chicago and think about what I needed to get through a long day of 4/20 celebrations.

Unfamiliar with the options around the city, I turned to Leafly’s list of best dispensaries in Chicago. And as a Southside Chicago resident, I surveyed the list to search for the best option near me. To my surprise, Mission was not only one of the Southside’s options, but also just a short drive away from my barbershop.

Flanked by my cannabis connoisseur of an aunt, we ventured to 8554 S. Commerical in the heart of the South Chicago neighborhood. Upon arriving, there was a small line out in a spring Chicago cold, a sign…

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