Hall of Flowers commenced on May 4 and 5 in Palm Springs. The event was full of great brands, great people, and most importantly, great weed. After spending the week with a wide variety of different strains at the Hall, I’ve got a whole list of flavors for you to peep.

Here are seven of the best strains from May’s Hall of Flowers.

Compound Genetics: Mellowz

Ay man, listen. That Compound weed is different. Nah, for real. I got some Mellowz nugs from Compound Genetics, and it was legit one of the best feeling highs I’ve had in a long time. The effects were mad relaxing and inspiring. Shit felt like a sound bath in weed form. Flower tasted real grapey, real gassy, which makes sense considering the Grape Gas in its genetics.

Available: California

Blueprint: Item…

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