This month of The Drop, Dante Jordan’s column rounding up all the can’t-miss strains and dabs from the best brands and growers, looks at anticipated releases from Ridgeline Farms, Rhythm, and Ember Valley.

A new month and a whole new batch of strains you should be putting in your pipe and smoking. Here are the cannabis strains that are hitting menus in December.

I smoked the Green Lantern before a Friendsgiving and woke up two days later. That’s the type of fire we’re talking about here. That real deal outdoor of all outdoors, ya know? The type of weed that reminds you that it’s not just a profession, it’s a lifestyle for growers in NorCal.

Green Lantern has existed for eight years now, and this version of it is grown by Ridgeline Farms. It’s being released in collaboration with…

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