People love vaping weed because of its health benefits, portability, and discretion. There are many different types of vaping systems: 510-threaded cartridges that work with most batteries, pods or cartridges that only work with a specific company’s hardware, disposable pens that get tossed as soon as you finish, and the list goes on. 

So how do you find the best one? Combining quality weed, extraction skill, and vape hardware, whatever experience you’re looking for, we’ve got a list of five of the best vape cartridges money can buy.

And if you can’t find these or simply don’t want any, down below we’ve got some tips on how to find a high-quality cart that’ll set your mind and body straight.

PAX Era pods

The Pax Era portable vape pen loaded with cannabis concentrate
The Pax Era portable vape pen….

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