Freddy’s Fuego in Washington State kills it — its flower is packed with flavor, potency, and smooth smoking experience that can make you say, “Alright yeah, that was worth the money.”

We recently spoke with Freddy’s Fuego’s founders Ben Davis and Tim Haggerty about the history of the company, and the strains that made them successful.

Freddy’s Fuego origin story

Freddy’s Fuego became officially licensed in 2013, but Davis has been growing weed since 2005. It began out of medical need. “I had a really bad sports injury and so I decided to start growing. Through growing and learning genetics, I saw there was a future for cannabis to go legal. Me and Tim linked up at the legal borderline and said, ‘let’s make this a staple in Washington.'”

Haggerty had a culinary background. He…

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