Alex Trebek had a steadfast grin. He also had six or so Emmy’s, a Guiness world record, and a Peabody. He’s a Hall of Famer and has a Lifetime Achievement Award. There’s more I’m sure, but I’m a Jeopardy fan in mourning trying to write from memory.

Trebek died on November 8th, 2020. He was 80 years old. Did he smoke weed? I don’t know. I hope he did, at least to manage pain during his cancer battle.

His epic, decades-long run as the host of Jeopardy still had episodes to air when he died, and now, Jeopardy fans the world over are tuning in each night, hanging on his every subtle quip and reveling in pure delight when he says “you’re right!”

As I watch these episodes, I’m struck by his steadfastness. If he knew he was about to succumb…

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