I’ll be honest, my weed nose isn’t great. Most of the time when a friend describes the “subtle notes of berry and orange, with undercurrents of chocolate and pine” of a strain, or whatever, weed just smells like… weed.

Which is great, don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of weed. But a lot of it just smells like “generic weed smell” to me. Maybe some weed scents are just too subtle for my nose. 

So, I thought I’d test my sniffer by finding some of the funkiest and skunkiest weed strains out there. The goal? To really get those aromas up my nostrils and try and discern them. Not just regular ol’ stinky weed—the truly loud, dank, and eye-wateringly pungent strains. The kind that make you wince and turn your head when you open the bag….

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